VRF Indoor Units

Maxa’s Variable Refrigerant Flow System acquire  a wide range of Indoor Units starting from Cassette Type units with standard and compact size options to provide equal air flow distribution on all four sides of the required space for cooling and heating. Ducted indoor units are also a unique type that can be used to transmit air with high pressure to long distances through duct works thus providing efficient solution for large space areas. Wall mounted indoor units along with Floor standing Fan Coils are best suitable option for central residential cooling and heating requirements.


Thanks to DC Inverter compressor, which allows a quickly and continuous modulation of the refrigerant flow into refrigerant circuit, Mini MARV outdoor units are characterized by: low starting current, quickly start-up to reach in a short time the required conditions, a rapid answer to different request of cooling or heating capacity from the users and reduced on/off cycle. The result is an efficient system with high reliability and a long life of the main devices of the refrigerant circuits. Thanks to new fins design, hydrophilic film fins and inner-threaded copper pipes it was possible to enlarge both external and inner heatexchange surface, it was possible to decrease air resistance, obtaining an higher and optimized heat exchange for all operating range of the outdoor unit. New design for fan and grid increased air flow but ensuring also a low sound pressure level. DC fan motor saves energy during partial load and makes outdoor unit more silent. Thanks to high efficiency DC Inverter compressors, new fan with DC inverter motor and high efficiency heat exchange coil Mini MARV outdoor units have compact dimension and reduced weight. This allows to install outdoor units where the installation space is reduced or in case the aim is to reduce the effect of the installation.


The outdoor units available for MARV6 are: 10 HP, 18 HP and 22 HP, and they can be connected in parallel, maximum 4 to reach 88 HP, maximum 64 indoor units and maximum index capacity 130% of outdoor unit nominal cooling capacity. MARV6 outdoor units have a wide operating range, between -5°C and 48°C in cooling mode, within -15°C and 24°C in heating mode. Mono or double DC inverter compressor with optimized management for maintaining the most efficient rotation scheme based on to working conditions. Each of the compressors adapts its own rotation regime allowing the achievement of the best performance of the category in terms of EER and COP. When a MARV6 system has two or more outdoor units connected in parallel and one of these has an injury or is broken, system can run without this broken outdoor unit.


MARV7i is the most advanced and intelligently module VRF Outdoor unit produced by Maxa. The Seventh Series is equipped with Triple (local/remote/network) configurations greatly simplified installation, commissioning and servicing. A desktop or laptop PC can be used for browser-based access to achieve system configurations through IMM Pro gateway via a LAN connection. Plate Heat Exchanger as a secondary intercooler boosts up refrigerant sub-cooling and improves 10% energy efficiency. Starting at 12HP up to 26HP, capacity increases in 2HP increments up to 32HP, which is one of the widest ranges of VRF in the world. The MARV7i uses refrigerant cooling technology to cool the electric control box. It decreases the average temperature of electrical control components by about 8 degrees, guaranteeing the stable and safe running of the control system.