Hydronic Units

Hydronic Fan Coil Unit:

Fan Coil units hold a superior place for water based hydronic indoor unit segment. With cutting edge technology and refined research, Maxa has developed world thinnest Fan Coil unit with super thin thickness, only 12 cm. Minimum noise level below the threshold of the audible, 20 dB(A). Tangential aluminum fan for greater efficiency. Coupled with Brushless motor, Highest well-being: the continuous variation 0-100% of the air flow (by means of the signal 0…10Vdc) is reflected in the modulation of the heating and cooling power by their instantaneous adaptation, to the actual needs of the room that to be conditioned and ensuring reduced fluctuations temperature, humidity and quiet noise. Structure galvanized sheet with pre-painted covering shell and ABS details, complete with heat/ sound insulation

Hydronic DUCTED Type Unit

Ducted units are best suited for long distances air flow. Maxa has a range from medium static to high static pressure ducted units. These units have standard aluminum alloy filter. Easy maintenance for fan motor. E-box can be installed within a maximum distance of 1 m away from the main body. Four speed fan motor. Air inlet from back standard and from bottom optional. Build-in Drain water pump. Drain pump to 750 mm. Standard remote wire controller with new design.

Hydronic Cassette Type Unit:

The MAXA hydronic cassette is designed to meet the market requirements of efficiency, quiet operation and good looks with multiple comfort options. The microprocessor assures accurate environmental control. The reduced dimensions ensure the installation requirements in the false ceiling thanks to small dimensions 57 x 57 cm or 84 x 84 cm for the powerful models. Finned batteries for heat exchange with high efficiency and low pressure drop. Internal insulation with closed cells expanded enough to limit heat dispersion and noise emissions to a minimum.

Hydronic Highwall Unit

Highwall unit is suitable for multi rooms buildings where heating and cooling is required for small and compact spaces. Maxa Highwall units comprise. A.b.s material with high mechanical characteristics and resistance to ageing. DC fan motor, the water coil has a large heat transfer surface is equipped with purge air valve and purge water valve; equipped with boot deflector blades and independent directional vanes, supply air can automatically be distributed and customized to direct the air; all function controlled by the LCD remote control. Compact electro-thermic actuator, normally closed with protection against surges, air purge valve, LCD remote controller, drain pan and condensate drain