Refrigerant Indoor Units

Cassette R32

Cassette type indoor units provides a unique 4-way air flow to ensure cooling and heating throughout the given space for superior comfort. It has a Rotary compressor with DC Inverter technology, saving up to 70% of the machine power consumption. New Ecological Refrigerant R32. Auto restart function keeps atmosphere at optimum temperatures once power restores. Remote control with Wifi features allow user friendly operating facility.


The new generation MAXA multi Console DC Inverter with R32 ecological refrigerant to provide maximum efficiency. With sleek and elegant design combine with low wall installation allows effective cooling and heating with increased comfort levels. The Console type units are suitable and wall ceiling installations. Also offers a great variety of features including auto restart with silenced operation. It also offers remote control with Wifi disposition


Standard aluminum alloy filter. Easy maintenance for fan motor. E-box can be installed within a maximum distance of 1 m away from the main body. Four speed fan motor. Air inlet from back standard and from bottom optional. Build-in Drain water pump. Drain pump to 750 mm. Standard remote wire controller with new design.

Floor Ceiling R32

MAXA’s new Floor Ceiling Type DC Inverter with Eco-design, equipped with DC Inverter technology having new R32 refrigerant that ensures maximum energy efficiency. New, sleek and compact design of these indoor units suits well with Floor type installations

Floor Standing R32

Floor Standing units possess a unique reputation when it comes to compact space availability together with tough cooling and heating requirements. MAXA’s Colonna Floor standing units with new ecological refrigerant R32 and wifi controlled options are a best option for commercial areas like restaurants as well as for home utilizations due to sleek design and large capacities thus acquiring only single unit where multiple indoor units are required. Thanks to the DC Inverter technology allows an energetic saving up to 70% compared to a traditional air conditioner.