TRYPASS - Steam Boilers

High pressure, monobloc, steam generator, with 3 effective smoke passes, with wet bottom, horizontal, efficiency 90%, up to 96% for vers. EC

It is designed for a maximum safety pressure up to 12 bar (or higher on request). The range includes various models with steam production from 2000 to 22000 kg / h.

According to current legislation, the TRYPASS ‘family of high-pressure steam generators has been subjected to a conformity assessment by a Notified Body. Compliance with the Essential Safety Requirements of the PED Directive 2014/68 / EU of the pressurized body is evidenced by the CE P.E.D. marking.

General features:
The 3 effective smoke passes generator consists of a horizontal cylindrical furnace with a wet bottom in which the flame develops. The fumes then enter the first tube bundle at the rear inversion chamber and are conveyed towards the front tube plate. From the front chamber the fumes pass into the second tube bundle and exit through the rear smoke chamber.
The stem generator is sized to ensure low thermal loads and low polluting emissions.

  • Boiler body: designed in compliance with the EN 12953-3:2016 standard, it consists of a cylindrical outer shell, smooth furnace, bowling hoop or fox depending on the power (on request all models can be made in fox version), inversion chamber and tube plates completely re-edged and butt-welded, in quality steel, in compliance with current technical standards. The body is equipped with 2 still pipes diam. 100 mm for housing all safety and control devices. The materials used are accompanied by manufacturing certificates, certifying the chemical and mechanical characteristics and the controls during the production cycle and therefore their suitability for use. The welds are carried out according to procedures approved by suitably qualified personnel and subjected, in accordance with an internal “Manufacturing and Control” plan to Non-Destructive Testing. Upon completion of manufacturing, each pressurized body is subjected to testing by carrying out the hydraulic test in accordance with requirement 7.4 – Annex 7 of Directive PED 2014/68 / EU.
  • Smoke tubes: making up the quality steel tube bundle, are welded to the tube plates by qualified automatic procedures. Finally, the tubes are headed by counterbore eliminating the protrusions from the plate. They are free of turbulators.
  • Rear reversing chamber: built in welded steel sheet, completely wet, equipped with fixing rods.
  • Front smoke-chamber: built in welded steel sheet covered on the front with a layer of insulating and refractory material. It is equipped with two doors, mounted on hinges, that allow quick opening.
  • Rear smoke-chamber: built in welded steel sheet, internally covered with a layer of insulating material. It is equipped with two inspection and pipe cleaning doors, mounted on hinges that allow quick opening, a horizontal axis flue connection (vertical on request), with a diameter suitable for the power of the generator and a self-cleaning flame sight glass for the control of the correctness of combustion in operation. Prepared for connection to an external economizer (EC versions).
  • Basement: it consists of a frame in boxed electro-welded steel sections, provided with support saddles for the outer shell of the body under pressure, and equipped with a system that allows to compensate for thermal expansion.
  • Service walkway: located in the upper part of the generator, it consists of a steel section frame, covered with checkered plate on the walkway floor and completed (on request) by a parapet with handrail and an access ladder, compliant with the EN ISO 14122 standard.
  • Outer shell Insulation: the thermal insulation of the outer shell is obtained with a 100 mm thick rock wool mattress, bonded with high density thermosetting resins, supported and externally protected by a 10/10 mm thick painted sheet metal casing.

Composition of standard supply: (1)

  • n. 1 started flow steam outlet shut-off valve.
  • n. 2 spring-loaded safety valves.
  • n. 2 reflective level indicators, flanged connections, shut-off and drain valves.
  • n. 1 large dial pressure gauge with 3-way tap for calibration.
  • n. 1 safety pressure switch with manual reset, CE PED approved.
  • n. 1 limit pressure switch
  • n. 1 regulation pressure switch for two-stage burner (high / low flame) or probe for modulating burners
  • n. 2 low water level safety probes, with self-diagnosis, with manual reset on the control panel, CE certified.
  • n. 2 water level probes for ON-OFF pumps
  • n. 1 vertical centrifugal electric pump for water loading.
    Water loading line circuit with pipes, disc check valve and started flow shut-off valve downstream of the pump.
  • n. 1 water drain / sludge discharge unit with quick opening manual valve.
    Manhole 420×320 mm with cover and steel forged brackets and 1 or 2 (depending on the models) flanged inspection ports in the lower part of the shell.
    Moisture separator on the main steam outlet, for high titre steam without dripping.
  • Burner supporting flange with fixing holes and dimensions suitable for the burner to be installed.
  • Control panel for automatic operation, IP54 400V – 3 + N – 50Hz.
  • Document envelope

– “Second boiler water feed pump” kit
– “Feed water inlet filter” kit
– “External economizer” kit and modulating power supply unit: external economizer, removable from the side (instrumentation side), equipped with connection pipes and downstream thermometer, pressure gauges upstream and downstream of the economizer, upstream thermometer, wafer type shut-off and by-pass ball valves, safety valve
– “Maximum level safety” kit
– “TDS” kit
– “Automatic bottom drain” kit
– “24 hr” or “72 hr” kit
– Burner plate drilled according to customer requirememnts
– Burner
– Ladder and walkway

Special versions for all models

TRYPASS’ 24 hr / 72 hr

  • equipped with dedicated electrical panel to obtain certification to operate “without continuous supervision” up to a maximum of 24 hours
  • equipped with dedicated electrical panel and “72 hr KIT” to obtain certification to operate “without continuous supervision” up to a maximum of 72 hours

(1) Quantities, types or models may vary according to the offered configuration.