TRIOPREX - Standard Commercial Boilers

Pressurised steel boiler for gas or oil pressure jet burners, complete with casing. For sliding temperature operation, down to 36°C with oil burners and 46°C with gas burners

  • Very low polluting emissions, thanks to: – Three pass boiler, without reversion in combustion chamber – New furnace with flame passage – Reduction of thermal load per cubic metre (increase of combustion chamber volume if compared with traditional boilers)
  • Highly condensate resistant, thanks to driven water inside the boilerbody
  • Complete insulation with 80 mm thick glass wool mattress, toguarantee high seasonal efficiency thanks to reduced heat losses
  • Fully adjustable door with double opening (left and right) with ceramic fibre insulation (-30% radiation heat losses)
  • Easy to transport and install thanks to vertical structure (max width, without casing, 79 cm up to 600 kW model)
  • Approval as output ranged boiler
  • Construction according to EN 303, part 1 in carbon steel according EN 10025
  • External panel board with electromechanical controls
  • Recommended for Low Nox pressure jet burners
  • Anti-condensing smoke chamber with double wall insulation
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 6 bar, (it is possible, under specific request, to provide a MWP up to 10 bar)