PELLEXIA 116-160 Pellet Fired Boilers

Pellet fired boiler, complete with modulating burner, safety rotary valve and pneumatic cleaning system

Output range: from 116 to 160 kW

  • Burner with fan in suction side, automatic ignition system with horizontal flame
  • Burner nozzle in stainless steel, heat and thermo-chemical stresses resistant
  • Grate of gasification in stainless steel
  • Flame modulation combustion with fan in suction side controlled by electronic system through inverter
  • Boiler body with vertical smoke pipes and semiautomatic cleaning through spring shaped steel turbulators
  • Body boiler insulation in mineral wool, 80 mm thick
  • Rear flue spigot, dia. 300 mm
  • Combustion chamber door lined with refractory material, 100 mm thick
  • Chamber smoke with inspection opening
  • Front and rear doors giving quick access to the vertical tube bundle for ashes removal
  • Shutter of regulation primary and secondary air
  • Pressure switch for continuous check of the draught in combustion chamber
  • Thermostat I check temperature conducted pipe of combustible load
  • Safety thermostat with manual reset
  • Photo-reader of the flame luminosity
  • Kit of burner automatic cleaning operated through high pressure compressed air
  • Compressed air tank with 50 litres capacity endowed with bottom drain valve, flexible hose for connection to the burner and safety valve
  • Stellar safety valve against back lighting, with closed sectors disk wheel, placed between burner and pellet loading duct.
  • Safety heat exchanger predisposed for connection of safety thermal discharge valve.
  • Panel board as reading-desk that can be positioned on the sides of the boiler
  • Programmable integrated microprocessor for the control of the combustion and standard functions, such as: control of the installation pumps, DHW production, chrono-thermostat, remotable alarm contacts, control of the pellet loading from auxiliary and service reservoir
  • Pellet storing capacity 120 kg; pellet feeding screw tilted with spiral in steel stainless
  • Predisposition of flange for lodging an automatic batcher for pellet loading from remote pellet reservoir

– Service reservoir
– Predisposition for combining to automated system of pellet transport and loading