The multifunction ONE series combines the functions of an expansion tank with a replaceable bladder, an air separator and a dirt separator for installation in heating and / or cooling systems. 

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The expansion tank has a replaceable bladder in EPDM rubber that completely insulates the tank surface from the water, and protects the circuit from thermal expansion of the fluid.

The internal separator has a larger diameter than the connections, allowing a slowing of the flow and a better separation of the air and sludge in the coalescence filter. 

The air is expelled through an automatic air vent, while the sludge accumulates on the bottom of the vessel and is eliminated by opening the drain valve located on the bottom of the tank. This operation can also be done while system is operating, without having to stop it.

• Working temperature: -10 / +99 °C

  • Long lasting epoxy powder paint, grey
  • Replaceable EPDM rubber bladder
  • Wall fixing bracket on request

• reduction of the overall dimensions and the number of joints (therefore reduction of risks of leakage) on the system. 

  • high separation efficiency and protection of the system from overpressure;
  • automatic air vent valve included;

    • purge valve included, with the possibility of removing sludge and debris without the need to stop the system.

2 years warranty