MODULEX EXT - Commercial Boilers

System composed by a modulating, Low NOx, multi-burners, condensing boiler, for indoor/outdoor installation, IPX5D

Output range: from 100 to 1500 kW

  • Maximum working pressure: 6 bar
  • For operation in deep sliding temperature, with natural gas or LPG.
  • Primary ring with hydraulic separator (optional)
  • Plate heat exchanger (optional), modulating pump, “Y” shaped filter (excepted the filtering cartridge), additional safety devices kit
  • Each aluminum /silicon/magnesium module has its own combustion chamber with a total radiation burner, modulating fan, gas valve, flame and ignition BMM control device, NTC sensor for local temperature control and safety thermostat
  • Total pre-mix modulating burners, with flame surface in metallic radiating mesh. The air– gas premixing occurs within the fan, with built-in check valve
  • Constituted from pre-assembled thermal modules without hydraulic interception in between.
  • Air suction system from the boiler room or directly from outside of the boiler room through ducts (optional)
  • For indoor / outdoor installation, made with totally water proof casing, IPX5D, in electro-galvanized steel plate and epoxypolyester powder painted in grey color
  • Possibility of cascade installation of 2 or more boilers (up to 8)
  • Logic of operation: repartition of the requested power on the larger number of modules, firing at the lowest possible rate (up to 12 kW for the models 100 to 350 or up to 22 kW for the models 440 to 1500) in order to obtain the maximum efficiency
  • D.H.W. production through a priority sensor, that controls a dedicated loading pump or a 3-way diverting valve
  • Supervision of boiler operation and temperatures status
  • Alarms management and parameters setting
  • Relay for the activation of a constant speed pump
  • Ufly P thermoregulation controller inserted in the foldaway facia panel

– 0÷10 V signal to the modulating pomp according to the parameters of the CH installation (inclusive in the supply)
– Analogical outlet 0÷10 V for the control of a modulating pump
– Emergency operation: anti-blackout through BCM:
– Restoration of the normal operation 60 seconds after the black-out, at “Constant Setpoint”: 70°C (or otherwise adjustable), max. output 50%
– Alarm signaling relay
– Hydraulic and gas connections are reversible up to the model 350
– Flue outlet possible on three different positions (R.H. / L.H. or rear side of the boiler)

Optional accessories:
– Acidic condensate neutralizers
– Dedicated smokes evacuation kit