Light Oil - Modulating Burner

Burners for light-oil modulating (PID fully modulating) if equipped with addition of optional modulation kit and probe. They are composed by: fan at high pressurisation and combustion head with adjustment at high efficiency and high flame stability. Compact overall dimensions and disposition rationalized of the components with accessibility facilitated for the operations of setting and maintenance. The adoption of strong metal components makes the burner durable also in heavy duty conditions. Complete of nozzle, flexible pipes and line filter. Complete of flange and gasket for installation on generator.

The actuators are independent and are managed directly by the electronic cam:


  • one actuator for the air shutter
  • one actuator for the light-oil modulator

The burners are equipped with an electronic microprocessor system, in addition there is a LCD display with interactive configuration. With the addition of optional accessories (probes) thanks to the most advanced systems for automatic modulation, the burner constantly ensures the proper fuel / air ratio. The maximum efficiency of the returns in each combustion point derived from the punctual adaptation of the thermal load to the heat requirements of the burner at any instant of operation. The fuel / combustion air curve, more extended, is fully exploited, guaranteeing excellent performance in terms of accuracy and speed, even during the calibration phase. A microprocessor monitors the different stages of the process and allows the correct repetition of the sequences of operation.