KON B - Gas Condensing Boilers With Built-in Tank

Wall hung, Low NOx, modulating and condensing gas boiler with totally premixed burner – room sealed type – electronic ignition – with D.H.W. production. through a 60 litres, stainless steel, “superfast” storage tank – Isolation degree IPX4D

Output: 28 kW

  • Heat exchanger – Condenser in aluminium / silicon / magnesium 
  • Totally premixed burner with constant combustion ratio, with electro-pneumatic gas valve and modulating fan 
  • “Superfast” 60 litre storage tank in stainless steel, with diffuser system for the maximum efficiency, inspectable, with magnesium anode 
  • Integral hydraulic group composed from: – Modulating pump: for heating and DHW priority (storage tank loading) with system anti-jamming, endowed with integral automatic vent – Three way electric diverting valve for priority to the storage tank – Automatic differential bypass 
  • Modulation ratio 1:6,3 
  • Electronic panel board that can be translated in vertical to facilitate the electrical connections and the maintenance 
  • Inlet of on-off / modulating thermostat and external temperature sensor Ignition and ionization though just one electrode 
  • High efficiency pump, modulating according to the requested output, managed by the electronic 
  • PCB and conforming to the Erp Directive of 2015 
  • Safety valve 3 bar 
  • Safety limit thermostat 
  • Flow temperature sensor 
  • Return temperature sensor 
  • D.H.W. temperature sensor (in the storage tank)
  • C.H. expansion vessel of 10 litres 
  • D.H.W. expansion vessel of 3 litres. 
  • Management of 2 zones: High / Low temperature with different priority 
  • Pump anti-jamming 
  • Post-circulation of the pump 
  • Anti-legionella disease 
  • Anti-fast function 
  • Special services for adjustment and calibration according to the rules in force 
  • Adjustment of maximum output in heating mode operation 
  • Visualization of the lockout for lack of flame and diagnostics with alphanumeric signalling of the anomalies through wide, multifunction, back-lighted 
  • LCD display (power save) 
  • Heating temperature adjustment: 30 – 85°C 
  • D.H.W. temperature adjustment: 25 – 65°C 
  • Antifreeze protection electronic device 
  • Siphon for condensate evacuation