Air cooled liquid chillers and reversible heat pumps, with scroll compressors, axial fans with inverter control (except cooling only version), high performances plate heat exchanger, circulating pump, connectable with Hi-Touch remote controller. Models widely used for replacing old units or to be installed on new systems. Hot-galvanised thick sheet metal frame. Scroll ermetic 3-phase compressor complete with integral protection module. Axial fan type AC, which allows condensation control up to 0°C. Microchannel aluminium condensation coil (cooling only) and Louve with splitted circuits (heat pump version). Evaporator. Frontal electrical panel. Microprocessor with overheating control logic program. Refrigerant circuit manufactured according to the UNI EN 13134 directive. High and low pressure transducers, with values that can be shown on the display. Water circuit in copper tubing. Standard equipped with control and protection devices