FIREX 2S - Wood Fired Boilers

Total gasification wood fired boiler, with downward reversed flame and thermos-controlled pyrolytic combustion, with fan positioned in the suction side

Output range: from 34 to 55 kW

  • Reversed flame combustion
  • High efficiency (for the solid fuels): higher than 89,5%
  • Regulation of primary and secondary air for the optimization and control of the combustion through butterfly adjusters with incorporated check valves
  • Modulating fan on suction side
  • Tray, grate and fire bars in stainless steel AISI 310S
  • Rear internal wall in refractory material to avoid the possibility of the formation of condensates
  • Catalyst in refractory stone
  • Loading and maintenance of the wood storage room through front insulated upper door. The lower door, with a rotating angle of 180° gives access to the combustion chamber.
  • Door opening handle with anti-scorch protection
  • An internal door, placed between the loading door and the wood storage room acts as anti-smoke protection
  • Wood storage room with walls 8 mm thick
  • Boiler body and smoke chamber insulated with anti-tearing rock wool mattress (50 mm thick) and sheet of overlapped aluminum
  • Panel board Biotronic for the automatic control of boiler fan and of the different types of installations, such as:
    – only heating
    – heating and DHW production through single coil or double coil or Tank in Tank type accumulator
    – in combination with thermal solar
  • Anti-overheating safety heat exchanger, constituted by a steel coil, immersed directly in the water in the upper part of the boiler