The DL series replaceable bladder tanks represent an effective alternative for installation in plants with high water contents which conventionally made us use traditional tanks without any bladders or install series of smaller tanks.

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The DL series is equipped with an exclusively designed bladder which work without mechanical stress even in high pressure conditions or an air cushion leak, thus ensuring an almost unlimited bladder life.

Models from 750 to 2000 litres with upper tie rod.
The 3000 and 5000 litre models have an upper flange.


• Working temperature: -10° / +99°C.

• Water and air completely separate.

• Water completely separate from metal parts of the tank.

• Counter-flange with Top-Pro treatment (750 – 1000 litres)

• Glasslined counter-flange (2000 – 5000 litres)

The sizes of DL series bladders trace the inner volume of the tank, enabling the bladder to work without any lengthening and ensuring its almost unlimited duration.

• Pre-charging pressure: 2.5 bars.

Reference standard:

• Declaration of conformity to essential safety requirements outlined by Directive 2014/68/UE

2 years warranty