DIATHER' - Three Pass Thermal Oil Heater

Three pass thermal oil heater.

Horizontal design, vertical on request.

Output range: from 116 to 5815 kW

DĨATHER’ is a thermarl oil heater, three pass.
It can be operated with liquid or gaseous fuels.

Design features:

  • Coil: two concentric coils with bottom screen, inserted in the outer shell, hermetically sealed to the smokes, formed by drawn up pipes of seamless steel tubes type, wound in spiral, in quality steel of suitable thickness.
  • Bottom: of the boiler body boiler, bolted, insulated and endowed with cleaning door and smoke chamber connection to the chimney.
  • Furnace: with passing flame, accessible from the front door.
  • Front door: is built in welded steel plate, of wide dimensions to facilitate the operations of maintenance, hinged, insulated with refractory material and endowed with flame sight glass and burner plate.
  • Insulation: the shell is thermally insulated with a double layer of rock wool cladding, suitably supported and covered externally of aluminum.
  • The base: is built with a steel frame.

Standard equipment: (1)

  • n. 2 flanged connections (flow and return) on right-hand side. Left-hand or vertical on request
  • Group of gaskets, bolts and counter flanges for flanged connections
  • n. 1 differential pressure switch
  • n. 2 manometers on flow and return manifolds
  • Drain valve
  • Document folder


Optional equipment:

– Outer casing in stainless steel
– Single circulation oil pump unit
– Double circulation oil pump unit
– IML_OIL Board panel
– V_ATMO Atmosferic expansion tank
– V_PRESS Pressurized expansion tank
– V_OIL Thermal oil collection vessel
– Plant oil loading pump
– DG_OIL Dearator
– Combustion air preheater

(1) The quantity and the model may vary according to the configuration.