!DEA - Standard Gas Boilers

Wall hung gas boiler for heating only or for heating and D.H.W. production, natural draught or room sealed version, with electronic ignition 

  • Mono thermal or bi-thermal heat exchanger 
  • Just one electrode for ignition and flame detection 
  • Continuous and proportional gas modulation through microprocessor, both in heating and D.H.W. production mode 
  • Anti-frost protection on the heating primary circuit on two levels: activation of internal heating and safety lockout with signalling in case of gas lack 
  • Pump anti-jamming timer in case of long inactivity period 
  • Heating adjustment range 45 – 78 °C 
  • D.H.W. adjustment range 35 – 57 °C 
  • Two NTC sensors for temperature control and D.H.W. priority 
  • Limit thermostat 
  • Circulating pump with built-in automatic air vent 
  • Visualization of burner lockout for lack of gas and faulty diagnostics with alphanumeric indication on wide multifunction, back-lighted LCD display 
  • Completely metallic casing, epoxy-polyester powder painted and insulated with 8 mm thick thermo-reflecting thermo-acoustic material
  •  Easy maintenance via frontward rotating panel and frontal access. 
  • Isolating protection degree IPX5D (IPX4D for AC – natural draught version) 
  • Manometer 
  • Automatic differential bypass 
  • C.H. 6 litres expansion vessel 
  • Safety valve adjusted at 3 bar 
  • Minimum water pressure switch 
  • D.H.W. priority flow switch with filter 
  • Electrical connections for on/off or modulating room thermostat and outer temperature sensor Options: 
  •  -Hydraulic and gas connections cover 
  • -D.H.W. production kit for heating only boilers