The multifunctional sanitary tanks with replaceable butyl bladder may be employed both as expansion tanks for sanitary hot water, suitable to absorb the volume variations caused by the temperature increase, both as autoclaves for small domestic installations, irrigation garden systems and all other applications where small flow rates are required, as both expansion tanks for heating systems.

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The installation of a multifunctional sanitary tanks DE model cuts down operating costs, while suppressing the discharge function of the safety valve.

In your Domestic Hot Water system install Elbi D-DV expansion tanks in the cold water supply pipe; do not install Elbi D-DV expansion tanks in the hot water drawoff pipe.


• Working temperature: -10° / +99°C.

• Long lasting epoxy powder paint;

• Replaceable bladder in butyl rubber;

• Water and air completely separate.

• Water completely separate from metal parts of the tank.

• Replaceable alimentary non-toxic bladder with elastic characteristics to enable total expansion inside the tank to ensure the best performance and longer product life cycle.

Reference standard:

• Declaration in compliance with the essential safety requirements of Directive 2014/68/UE.

2 years warranty