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Unical outdoor boiler room with casing, an excellent solution that can always be placed in the most suitable place,
next to the plant, building or on the roof.
The proposed solution is designed and built according to the customer’s actual needs.

Possible set-up with a wide range of industrial boilers and accessories by Unical.

The thermal power plant is complete with all the components necessary for operation, ready for use
and inserted in a pre-assembled structure, with class A1 insulating sandwich panels according to EN 13501-1,
complete with pedestrian doors and double-leaf doors, to facilitate access and maintenance.

All thermal power plants built by Unical are in compliance with the fire fighters directives, with liquid and gaseous fuels.


Standard container:

Modified type 20” HC“ first trip ”container, not certified for maritime transport, suitable for outdoor use.


  • Designed for road transport.
  • Lifting: from above through upper corner blocks.
  • Overlap: not allowed.
  • No. 8 ISO 1161 corner blocks at the ends.
  • Side and front walls made of Corten steel panels.
  • Roof made of cold pressed Corten steel panels.
  • On one short side REI 120 900×2150 mm door, obtained by modifying one of the steel doors of a shipping container, the other door remaining openable through 2 galvanized locking rods, and with EPDM gasket seal.
  • On one long side double-leaf door REI 120 1800×2150 mm, external handle with lock, internal panic bar.
  • N. 2 ventilation windows, one positioned immediately above the gas entry point, the second on the short side opposite to the one of the door.
  • Net section and position of the grids in compliance with Italian regulation DM 08/11/2019, section 2.
  • Floor in smooth carbon steel sheet, 4 mm thick, supported by “C” shaped sleepers and painted with anti-corrosion primer.


  • Internal / external sandblasting of the metal structure according to SA 2.5 grade
  • Internal painting with anti-corrosion primer, light gray RAL 7035 or RAL 7032, minimum thickness 70 microns
  • External painting RAL 7035 minimum final thickness 120 microns

Available on request:

  • Oversized version obtained from 40” Container.
  • “Brand new” version (no “first trip”).
  • Opening in the roof, according to customer-specific size, consisting of a tubular frame and water tight cover sheet.
  • Wall insulation 50mm thick, with class A1 material according to EN 13501-1, covered with micro-perforated galvanized sheet.
  • Opening grid on short wall.
  • Additional doors according to customer requirements.
  • Installation of a portable fire extinguisher with a nominal charge not exceeding 6 kg or 6 l and extinguishing capacity at least 34A 144B, positioned at the exit of the container.
  • Safety signs in accordance with current legislation to draw attention to the prohibitions and limitations imposed and to indicate the position of the external general gas shut-off valve and the general electrical switch.
  • External painting in white RAL 9010.