BAHR' 12 3G - Steam Boilers

High pressure packaged steam boiler, genuine three-pass fire tube, horizontal, from 90% up to 96% efficiency (1)  according the installed smoke tube (HPO, HP).
BAHR’3G is a family of packaged smoke tube steam boilers, genuine three-pass, and wet back.

Standard safety pressure up to 12 bar (higher pressure available on request) and output from 500 to 4000 kg/h. With a large steam chamber and large evaporator for an high steam quality.

It can be operated with liquid or gaseous fuels. Every model is complete with regulations and safety accessories for automatic operation and easy commissioning.
In compliance to the current laws, each steam boiler undergoes a conformity assessment, carried out by a Notified Body. The conformance to the essential safety requirements demanded by the European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/UE (PED) is guaranteed by the CE mark.

Design features:
By means of the three-pass design the smoke gases in the combustion chamber are diverted to the front through the first set of fire tubes by the reversing chamber; then reversed again by the frontal smoke box to the second smoke tube sections and discharged through the chimney connection. The appliance is designed to ensure low heating loads in the combustion chamber, low superficial loads and low NOx emissions (with Low NOx burners).

  • Boiler body: is made of a cylindrical shell and a wet back furnace, flat tube plates, made of high quality steel. All the materials have certificates attesting their chemical and mechanical characteristics, the controls are carried out during each production stage, and, theirs suitability for use as well. The welding seams are carried out by qualified personnel in compliance to certified procedures and are subjected to Non Destructive Tests, in accordance to an internal “Manufacturing and Control” program. Once the boilers have been manufactured they are subjected to hydraulic testing in accordance to the requirement 7.4 – Annex I, laid down in the Directive 2014/68/UE (PED).
  • Smoke tubes: made of high quality steel, are welded to tube plates, and are with helical turbulators or special metal extrusions according the version.
  • Reversing chamber: is built in welded steel plate, completely water-cooled, and connected to the rear smoke-box with supports.
  • Front door: is built in welded steel plate, completely cladded internally with layers of insulating and refractory cement. The door is fitted with hinges to be quickly opened.
  • Rear smoke-box: is built in welded steel plate, completely cladded externally with a layer of insulation material. One door for cleaning and inspection are fitted with hinges to be quickly opened. Complete with an horizontal chimney connection with a diameter sized to the boiler’s output (vertical on request). The rear smoke-box can be accessorized with and internal removable economizer.
  • The basement: is built with a steel frame, welded to the tube plates and closed with steel plates.
  • Walkway: positioned on the top part of the boiler, is made of steel, covered with chequered plate and completed; on request with handrail and access ladder.
  • Insulation: the shell is thermally insulated with a 100 mm rock wool cladding binded with high density, thick thermosetting resins, suitably supported and covered externally in 10/10 thick enamelled aluminum.

Standard equipment: (2)

  • Steam main globe valve.
  • 2 spring loaded safety valves.
  • 2 reflecting level indicators, with flanged connections, purging and cut-off cocks.
  • 1 large manometer with 3 way cock for manometer calibration.
  • 1 safety pressure switch with manual reset onto the panel board, CE PED certified.
  • 1 limit working pressure switch.
  • 1 regulation pressure switch for two stages burners or probe for modulating burners.
  • 2 safety minimum level switches, CE certified.
  • 2 water level probes for ON-OFF pump regulation.
  • Feeding group complete with 2 vertical multistage centrifugal pumps.
  • Valve assembly for feeding circuit, with relevant pipes already fitted.
  • Automatic group for level control.
  • 1 manual bottom blowdown valve.
  • Man-hole on top and hand-hole on water side.
  • Integral steam drier for high steam quality.
  • Blind burner plate.
  • Lifting lugs.
  • Control panel board IP55 400V – 3+N – 50Hz

(1) This value is intended with economizer and may change according working pressure and load conditions.
(2) The quantity and the model may vary according to the configuration.