ALKON c -Gas Condensing Boiler

ALKON 28-35 Wall hung, room sealed, forced draught, pre-mixed, gas fired condensing boiler – electronic ignition – for central heating and D.H.W. production – Low N0x, Class 5 EN 297/EN 483

  • Fully pre-mixed burner 
  • Modulation ratio 1:5 
  • Ultra flat aluminium silicon/magnesium primary heat exchanger 
  • D.H.W. stainless steel plate heat exchanger 
  • Control and management microprocessor with automatic adjustment according to the outdoor temperature 
  • Temperature control of two separate heating zones with differentiated priorities 
  • Special pre-heating function (rapid heating) which accelerates 
  • D.H.W. production (can be excluded) 
  • Additional features: diagnostic readout of operation status and fault codes, boiler frost protection, chimney-sweep function, pump overrun and fault indication 
  • Continuous air/gas modulation controlled by the microprocessor. 
  • Constant air/gas ratio 
  • Very high seasonal efficiency 
  • Self-adjusting output according to of the flue outlet lengths. 
  • Anti-jam pump timer and electrical diverting valve 
  • Protection degree IP X4D