ALKON 70 C - Commercial Boilers

Wall hung, condensing gas boiler, for heating and instantaneous DHW production, Low NOx class 5, also for installation in battery

Output range: from 50 to 560 kW (in battery)

  • Maximum working pressure: 6 bar
  • Modulation ratio 1:7
  • Total premix burner with constant CO2
  • Primary heat exchanger in Al / Si / Mg alloy, entirely irrigated, ultrathin (< 12 cm)
  • Electronic ignition
  • Safety limit thermostat
  • Flow and return temperature sensors
  • Automatic air-vent
  • Siphon on the condensates drain
  • Panel board with electric protection IP X4D
  • e-BUS connection
  • Heating temperature adjustment between 30 and 85°C
  • Water content 3,9 liters
  • Flame modulation according to the absorbed power
  • Over-run function
  • Additional functions: diagnosis of operational parameters and errors, antifreeze, technical services and digital errors indication
  • Minimum water pressure switch with setting at 0,5 bar
  • Constant combustion ratio
  • Self-adapting output according to the flue length
  • High efficiency modulating pump (standard supplied only for ALKON 70 C)
  • Suitable for installation in battery (max. 2 series of 4 units)


– Kit manifold for additional safety devices
– Kit of additional safety devices
– Kromschröder controller E8 / expansion modules and modulating thermostats (wall mounted boxes)
– Kit of high efficiency modulating pump (optional for ALKON 50 C)
– Kit hydraulic separator (mixing header)
– Single flue ducts or for battery installations
– Supporting frames
– Kit of DHW priority
– Kit of hydraulic manifolds and blind flanges
– Kit of harness for an external DHW tank
– Kit for instantaneous DHW production
– Acidic condensate neutralizers