The outdoor units available for MARV6 are: 8 HP, 10 HP, 12 HP, 14 HP, 16 HP, 18 HP and 22 HP, and they can be connected in parallel, maximum 4 to reach 88 HP, maximum 64 indoor units and maximum index capacity 130% of outdoor unit nominal cooling capacity. All MARV6 are standard supplied with 0-20 Pa external static pressure for fan. It is possible to increase external static pressure till 40 Pa. MARV6 outdoor units have a wide operating range, between -5°C and 48°C in cooling mode, within -15°C and 24°C in heating mode. Mono or double DC inverter compressor with optimized management for maintaining the most efficient rotation scheme based on to working conditions. Each of the compressors adapts its own rotation regime allowing the achievement of the best performance of the category in terms of EER and COP.