TRISTAR 3G-Standard Commercial Boiler

3 pass pressurized boiler with passing furnace, Body in steel with special progressive smoke pipes in carbon steel with patented aluminium inserts “EASYSTREAM Pipe”, suitable for gas burners.
Output range: from 65 to 3000 kW

  • Low polluting emissions, thanks to the reduction of the specific thermal load, due to the wide exchange surface.
  • Three pass smoke way without inversion in the combustion chamber in an oval shaped body (passing furnace)
  • Anti-condensate fin effect on the pipe welding seams on the rear tube plate
  • Combustion chamber with absolute thermo-mechanical resistance to the condensate, thanks to the misalignment between the furnace and the smoke pipes
  • Reversing pipes of large diameter
  • Third smoke pass with special pipes “EASYSTREAM PIPE”, ø1 1⁄2”
  • First section of invitation with turbulator
  • Second multi-radial aluminium section that assures high heat exchange, withstanding the acidic condensate (Unical Patent)
  • Smoke chamber in carbon steel predisposed for inspection and condensate evacuation
  • Casing heat losses reduction, thanks to the insulation with 100 mm thick, tear resistant, mineral wool
  • Door with ceramic fibre insulation, up to 125 kW, and in extra light refractory concrete for the other models.
  • Fully adjustable door with double opening possibility
  • Door supporting hinges fixed to an anti-vibration counter-plate (up to 1900 kW)
  • Certified as boiler with ranged output
  • Manufacture according to EN 303-1
  • Oil version upon request: with special, completely rolled pipes, with inside 6 x 60° sectors carbon steel pipes