Double Skin Units use digitally controlled Scroll type compressors. They are fitted with internal overheat protection and crankcase heater. Electric board includes main switch with door lock system; fuses; overload protection for compressors; condensing unit section fan thermo-contacts. Microprocessor maintains the automatic control of the unit. It allows the visualization and control of all the variables of the compressor and unit, control set and real water temperature and, in case of partial or total block of the unit, indication of security device that intervened. The power supplied by the compressor as a function of the thermal load of the system, the condensing pressure and the temperature of the outside air. Condenser and Evaporator are made up of one or two finned coils with copper pipes and aluminum fins. Condensing section fans are of Axial type directly coupled to a three-phase electric motor with external rotor. A safety fan guard is fitted on the air flow discharge. EC Inverter Plug-Fans delivers air with high energy efficient reverse blades with external rotor motor and electronic speed adjustment for easy adaptation to plant features. All models have the following components: electronic expansion valve; filter-drier; level and humidity indicator and high and low pressure switches (with fixed setting).