OSA - Gas
Condensing Boiler

Stylish, wall hung, low NOx, condensing, room sealed, gas boiler with electronic ignition and continuous modulation, with DHW production. Output: 28 kW

  • Exchanger/Condenser in Alluminium/Silicon/Magnesium 
  • Ignition and electronic flame control through single electrode 
  • Modulation ratio1:8 
  • Total premix burner, with constant combustion ratio, completely electronic (both, gas valve and modulating fan) 
  • Automatic Feed-back of the combustion through the electrode (that monitors constantly the quality of the combustion) 
  • Adjustment of output according to heating request 
  • HWS “Hot Water Speed”: commutation from heating to DHW mode without stopping the pump 
  • DHW heat exchanger in antiscaling stainless steel, with 12 plates (x 24 kW) and 14 plates (x 35 kW), with “thermal length” optimized for the condensation 
  • Management of 2 zones: high / low temperature, with differentiated priority 
  • Electronic antifreeze function from 5°C 
  • Pump over-run function 
  • Safety limit thermostat 
  • Temperature sensors in flow and return DHW temperature sensor 
  • High efficiency pump, complying with the Erp Directive 2015, modulating according to the output request, managed by the on board electronics 
  • Expansion vessel (10 liters) 
  • Automatic airvent Minimum pressure switch against the lack of water 
  • Pressure safety valve set at 3 bar 
  • Disappearing U/FLY Touch panel board, with outer and room temperature sensors 
  • Gateway for Modem connection and remote programming through smartphone, with a dedicated App 
  • Connection for diagnostics and programming through computer or portable programmer. 
  • Inspection system of the burner and heat exchanger cleaning through quick release clampings 
  • Front panel in colored polymetilmetacrylate 
  • Siphon drain for condensates