KONf - Aluminium
Light Commercial

Floor standing, condensing gas boiler, Low NOx class 5, for indoor /outdoor installation, IP X5D, also for installation in battery up to 8 unit (2 group of 4 boilers)
Output range: from 99.5 to 920 kW (in battery)

  • Special containing cabinet for outdoor installation
  • Modulation ratio 1:5.75 (5.0)
  • Very low polluting emissions, Low NOx, Class 5 according EN 15502-1
  • Hydraulic connection flanges between more units, DN 80
  • Three way valve for hydraulic interception on the flow and outlet in atmosphere
  • Two way valve for hydraulic interception on the return with Flow-stop
  • Gas connection flange between more units, DN 50
  • Smokes evacuation duct 100 mm dia. with analysis sampling nipple
  • Minimum gas feeding pressure: 15 mbar
  • Max. available pressure at the chimney base: 150 Pa
  • Maximum Allowed Temperature 100 °C
  • Maximum Working Temperature 85 °C
  • Primary heat exchanger in Al/Si/Mg alloy, entirely irrigated, ultracompact, with high water circulation (5 years guarantee)
  • Standard panel board (heating regulation), with re-set button, antifrost protection, faults signalling, control of D.H.W. production if the D.H.W. production kit is installed (optional).
  • Electronic digital controller E8 with function of thermo-regulator and cascade manager (optional).
  • Additional functions: diagnostic of parameters and errors of operation – anti-frosting – chimney cleaner – post circulation and digital faults signalling.
  • Low consumption modulating pump, supplied as standard
  • Minimum gas pressure switch
  • Minimum water pressure switch
  • Safety level switch on condensate drain
  • Safety pressure valve set at 6 bar
  • Boiler drain valve
  • Automatic and manual air venters