KON 100-115
Aluminium Light
Commercial Boiler

Wall hung condensing gas boiler for Nat. gas or LPG, LOW NOx class 5, premix modulating burner, for indoor and outdoor installations, also in battery (up to 8 units)
Output range: from 99.5 to 920 kW (in battery)

  • Modulation ratio 1:5.75 (5.0)
  • Casing front panel with hang-up closing and fixing through screws.
  • Flow and Return C.H. connections of 1 ¼”
  • Smoke outlet 100 mm diameter
  • Combustion air inlet dia. 80/100 mm
  • Minimum gas feeding pressure: 15 mbar
  • Maximum available pressure at the chimney base: 150 Pa
  • Maximum allowable temperature: 100°C
  • Maximum working temperature: 85°C
  • Primary heat exchanger in Al/Si/Mg alloy completely irrigated, ultracompact with high water circulation (5 years guarantee)
  • Self-adapting output according to length of the smoke evacuation ducts
  • Very low polluting emission, Low NOx, class 5 according to EN 15502-2
  • High efficiency ErP pump standard supplied
  • NTC sensors for control of flow and return temperature
  • Safety thermostat
  • Safety thermostat for the heat exchanger
  • Minimum gas pressure switch set at 15 mbar
  • Minimum water pressure switch set at 0.5 bar
  • Smokes safety pressure switch
  • Safety level switch on condensate drain
  • Pressure safety valve set at 6 bar
  • Boiler drain valve
  • Automatic and manual air venters
  • Ignition electrode – ionization electrode
  • Pump anti-jamming time controlled function
  • Standard panel board inside the casing, complete with display, push buttons for menu adjustment and programming