EVE 05-Standard
Gas Boiler

Wall hung gas fired boiler for CH and D.H.W.; natural draught or room sealed forced draught version, with electronic ignition 

  • Casing painted with epoxypolyester powders 
  • High efficiency bithermal copper heat exchanger, anti-scaling formation (only for CTN and CTFS 24) 
  • D.H.W. stainless steel plate heat exchanger (only for PLUS CS 26) 
  • One single ignition and ionization electrode 
  • 6 litre expansion vessel 
  • Gradual and continuous flame modulation, controlled by temperature sensors and microprocessor, according to the absorbed output, both in CH and D.H.W. mode 
  • Antifrost protection on the 
  • CH circuit Anti-jamming timer for pump 
  • CH set point range: 35-85°C 2 
  • NTC sensors for temperature control and D.H.W. priority 
  • 3 speed circulating pump, with an integral air vent 
  • Visualization of the burner lockout and retention of the last 10 internal faults via the multifunction 
  • LC Display Easy maintenance with direct access from the front 
  • Protection degree IP X4D 
  • Vertically sliding panel board in order to ease the service operations 
  • Thermometer 
  • Automatic differential by-pass