ELETTRA - Standard
Gas Boiler

Wall hung gas fired boiler for CH and DHW production; natural draught or room sealed forced draught version electronic ignition servo-assisted by auxiliary pilot.

  • Casing painted with epoxypoliester pouders 
  • Bithermal heat exchanger with oval copper pipes and high efficiency, optimised at all capacities, with reduced polluting emissions
  • Electronic ignition servo assisted by intermittent pilot T.E.S. 
  • (Thermostatic Energy Saver) economiser for automatically limiting cold water flow rate until the set temperature is reached 
  • Gradual continuous flame modulation, controlled by temperature sensors and microprocessor, according to the absorbed output, both in CH and in DHW mode. 
  • Impulses control of the boiler output in 
  • DHW production mode (up to 4 controls at minute) for the constant temperature upkeeping. 
  • Circulating pump in operation also during the DHW drawings, equipped with an exclusive air relief device 
  • Electric diverting valve 
  • DHW priority flow sensor 2 
  • NTC sensors for temperature control Safety pressure device 
  • 12 litre expansion vessel DHW flow limiter 
  • Antifrost system 
  • Anti-jamming function for pump and diverting valve 
  • Automatic bypass 
  • Combustion products discharge safety device (for TN version) 
  • Digital display panel board with forward rotation for easy servicing IP X4D insulation 
  • Pre-selection and memories for DHW temperatures 
  • (Comfortast) on the control panel and on the remote control (optional) 
  • Remote control with modulating room chronothermostat (optional) 
  • Outer sensor for control of room temperature according to external temperature (optional) 
  • Easy maintenance with direct access at the boiler components