Ventilation Products

Ventilation Products

Axial fans are manufactured to a solid industrial design with welded steel impellers. Different drive types can be accommodated as well as complete fabrication in stainless steel. Where prevention of explosion is required it is possible to install a brass ring within the fan casing around the impeller. The included dimension table shows only a segment of the possibilities.

Most special requirements can be accommodated through addition of appropriate components and specific construction measures, for example in aggressive mediums and flue gases, to provide a satisfactory solution. In such specific applications, please contact us with your special requirements. In all applications, horizontal as well as vertical installation is possible.

Two different series axial fans are produced.

Namely the VL and NL series, the difference is in impeller design. By application of upstream guide vanes (VL) or downstream guide vanes (NL) we are able to satisfy a wide operating range. Changing the number of blades allows the adaptation to the desired operating parameter even where the motor speed is constant. This permits considerable flexibility in the fan casings.

This literature only documents characteristic curve of the VL6.L types; where the desired operating parameters cannot be satisfied with the presented data, please contact us with your requirement.


The main field of our program is formed by radial fans with a variable performance in air flow volume from 5.000 m3/h to 600.000 m3/h in the low, average and high pressure area. If you are not able to find the needed version in this catalogue, you can ask us for further information of course.

If it is necessary for you, we are also able to produce axial fans in two versions up to a nominal size of 2000 either including a guiding contrivance or not.

A further top product of our company are portable fans, that is the MWM model as radial version and the VL respectively the VM model as axial version. They are used for suction of poisonous or explosive gases and fumes from rooms, canals or tanks by use of connectable, flexible tubes. Deliverable with three phase current-, alternating current-, or petrol driven motor in different sizes they provide a great variety of application. Explosion protected versions are also available of course.

Venttek-High efficiency fans for the most different demands:

The spectrum of our fans reaches from extremely abrasion proof versions for transport of dust-laden mediums by use of flame spraying armored blades to pressure-proof and comparative fans. Therefore the following models were developed:

  • Hot gas fans up to 1000°C,either with or without spiral housing
  • Double inlet fans
  • Deadeninged fans with an about 10 to 15 dB reduced sound pressure level
  • Fans made of special metal types, like hastelloy and titanium.

Of course we also supply you with attachment, that optimizes the use of your fan. If your are interested now, call us. Our sales department will always be willing to help you. We would be pleased, if we could show you our capability!

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