Solar Products

Solar Products


SUN BUSTER is a solar panel that does not require for a sophisticated installation, but that, with simple and quick installation supplies instant warm water thanks to the integral accumulation reservoir, with a water content of 135 liters. It has an absorbing surface of about 1 m2 and can easily be installed on any surface thanks to the adjustable supporting frame supplied as standard.

  • Reduced dimensions (1080x1080x900 mm)
  • Double and strong dome in highly transparent methacrylate that favors the greenhouse effect, i.e. the inside reflection of the solar rays with consequent temperature increase Tray in ABS, treated with a film of methacrylate and insulated with closed cells expanded PU, to avoid any heat losses;
  • Accumulation tank, with a 135 liters water content, in glass lined carbon steel, of round form for a better resistance to the pressure, that eliminates the risk of breakage in case of freezing;
  • Black selective paint, used on the dome to get the maximum energy’s absorption from the solar rays;
  • Supporting frame of easy assembly, orientation and inclination. The form of the structure reduces sensitively the sail effect;
  • Optional auxiliary electric resistance of 1200 W that makes it able to satisfy, also in case of lack of solar radiation, the hot water needs;
  • Simple installation, without using pumps or regulations particularly expensive. Its installation is easy and fast;
  • The duration is guaranteed by the magnesium anode that protects it from stray currents. One safety and one non return valve preserve the reservoir from possible overpressure, with consequent reduction of heat losses.



Natural circulation kit with one or two SOLAR COLLECTORS AND STORAGE TANK OF 160 – 220 – 300 LITRES, for roof or garden installations

  • Copper, flat type solar collector
  • Total surface absorber with highly selective Titanium treatment (absorption 95%, emissions 5%)
  • Extra clear, highly transparent tempered glass, 4 mm thick
  • Lateral and rear insulation with HD rock and glass wool, 40 mm thick
  • External frame in aluminium profiles
  • Collector tested according to EN 12975
  • Storage tank of tank in tank type
  • Anticorrosion treatment with enamelling at 860°C
  • Insulation by PU foam 40 mm thick
  • Two magnesium anodes and possibility of an electric heater nstallation
  • Bulb holder for temperature sensor fitted on the inspection flange
  • Frame for flat or inclined surface ((garden or roof), fittings and anti-freezing liquid are supplied as standard for a complete installation

Solar storage tanks for heating water, with internal coil, and capacity from 500 to 3000 liters.

  • Carbon steel reservoir
  • Internal coil heat exchanger
  • Total insulation with soft PU foam
  • Four bulb holders for thermostats/thermometer
  • Outer covering in PVC

Solar storage tanks for forced circulation systems for D.H.W. production, with capacity from 212 to 2000 liters

  • Double coil: for solar system and boiler integration
  • Glass lined storage tank
  • Six different capacities: 200, 300, 500, 800, 1000, 1500 and 2000 liters
  • Double anticorrosion enameling (for 1500 and 2000 liters with thermosetting resins)
  • 180 mm flange for inspection and easy maintenance (290 mm for 1500 and 2000 liters)
  • Total insulation with PU foam
  • Three bulb holders for thermostats/thermometer
  • Connection for electric heater
  • Magnesium anode for stray currents (2 anodes for 800 up to 2000 liters)

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