We offer a wide variety of customized solutions with efficient systems and outputs from 18 to 6000 kW for all application areas and fuel sources. We design and install central heating system for homes, hotels, offices, commercial building, banks, hospitals universities, industries and swimming pools.

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Our Brand of cooling products is built to withstand years of use and exceed expectations. Be confident with a home heating and cooling system that is designed to last. Our central cooling portfolio includes the product range from fan coil units, air handling units, inverters and air conditioner to air cooled & water cooled chillers.

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We are fully aware of customers’ needs and as well as environment. The old energy economy, fueled by oil, coal, and natural gas, is being replaced by solar. By keeping this in mind we have introduce innovative products in Pakistan i.e. solar geysers sun buster and solar storage tanks.

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We offer a vast range of water pumps to meet any need. We are sole distributor of DAB Italy in Pakistan. DAB pumps Water pumps are produced with state-of-the-art materials that improve their ability to resist internal and external stresses, and guarantee their high performance, quality and durability over the long term, thereby limiting their environmental impact.

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A wide range of equipment and plants for water treatment. Water treatment’s products range includes water softening units, dosing units, chlorinators, dust collectors, carbon filters and sand filters.

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We have introduced best quality ventilation products to our valued customers of commercial and industrial sectors. Our products are Eurovent certified and the range includes Radial fans, axial fans, and HEPA filters, atmospheric air filters, air filters for compressors, air oil separators and compressed air filers etc.

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Burners for diesel, single stage, aluminum frame, protection cover with noise reduction plate, combustion head with micro adjustment at high efficiency and high flame stability.

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Company presence is now strengthened through a global strategy from a leader company in HVAC in order to be internationally recognized among those expert manufacturers of thermal plates with such a dedicated know-how.

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Clean and dry compressed air is vital for industrial applications and manufacturing processes. Properly treated compressed air, will improve performance and productivity, while reducing the process cost.

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Hot water cylinders & expansion Tanks

Expansion tanks are devices designed to absorb the volume change of water or some other liquids, thus allowing the correct operation of a heating plant during all its operative phases. Elbi produces all the bladders which mounts on its own equipment, as for the production it makes exclusive use of modern injection presses, the most advanced ones in this sector.

All the bladders are tested by the company’s quality control service at the end of the production run.

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About Us

A.H INTERNATIONAL .is a registered company with Pakistan engineering council which provides domestic, commercial and industrial scale cooling, heating, ventilation, filtration and energy management solutions such as boilers radiators, fan coil units, air handling units, pumps, air conditioners, solar products, air cooled & water cooled screw chillers, scroll chillers, filters, sand filters, swimming pools heating and products and ventilation products.


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