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Mikropor has complete range of products in the Atmospheric Air Filtration which make processes more efficient, saves energy, and offers sustainable solutions to your filtration needs. Our filtration portfolio includes industrial filtration i.e power generation, gas turbines, dust collection, clean rooms and HVAC.


High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters must undergo complete quality and process control from start to finish which involves raw material arrival checks, media integrity checks frame Inspections and final product checks such as EN1822 certification, Boxing and product labelling. Mikropor conducts leak and efficiency test on all HEPA/ULPA filters. Test is done automatically according to EN1822 test standard and test report is supplied to the customers along with individual HEPA/ULPA filters.



Mikropor knows the importance of high quality compressed air and guarantees to provides our customers with the highest available quality air in the market. Using clean, dry air is extremely important for all kinds of air powered applications. Moisture or contamination in the air which will come from the standard compressor outlet will cause complicated system errors. These complications will decrease productivity and may affect the production quality of final products.


  • Low pressure drop saves compressor power
  • Quick start and reaction time provides additional production time
  • Every dryer is specially designed according to its flow with the right components to consume lowest energy
  • The highly energy-efficient R134a refrigerant is a standard across all models
  • A state of the art heat exchanger provides the highest cost saving one in the industry
  • Best in class refrigerant compressors consume less energy against competiton dryers
  • Pressure switches control the condenser’s fan motor for saving energy and letting the system operate at desired conditions


Mikropor Compressed Air Filters have been designed to meet all requirements of compressed air filtration world. These air filters provide more comfortable usage for end users an increased endurance, higher efficency at lower pressure drop and more port size options.


With over 3000 Air/Oil Separator design for compressors, Mikropor offers multiple options for the full range of air flow and performance requirements.

  • Mikropor Air / Oil Separators
  • Conwrap Separators
  • ‘3S’ Air / Oil Separators
  • Pleated Air / Oil Separators
  • Spin – on type Air / Oil Separators


Mikropor Air Filters are the first line of defense for a compressor and have a significant impact on the service life of the compressor, lubricant, air/oil separators and oil filters. Mikropor offers the highest efficiency air intake filters in the market, outperforming the competition and delivering more value to customers.


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