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What we are

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of Pakistan’s leading central HVAC companies and an established name in HVAC industry since 1994.A.H International was small entrepreneur with well-defined vision, and forecasted innovative products for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. The basic idea remains in force till today, with our heartfelt sincerity together with technical expertise shared by our exotic manufacturers we focused on the best available products in our portfolio. We are of the opinion that good quality product always pays you back with its lasting operation. This original idea has still been kept in force and even after 20 years of our successful market history we are supporting our customers with 100% original brands.

Our Skills

Central Heating Installation and Commissioning
Solar System Installation and Commissioning
Central Cooling Systems Design and Installation
Ventilation Systems Selection and Installation

About Us

A.H INTERNATIONAL .is a registered company with Pakistan engineering council which provides domestic, commercial and industrial scale cooling, heating, ventilation, filtration and energy management solutions such as boilers radiators, fan coil units, air handling units, pumps, air conditioners, solar products, air cooled & water cooled screw chillers, scroll chillers, filters, sand filters, swimming pools heating and products and ventilation products.


A.H. International
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